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NEW 9-WEEK PROGRAM STARTS April 8th, 2024!

Next 9-Week Transformation Program starts in April 8th, 2024! Virtual and In-Person options available!

Get in the best shape of your life without the fad diets, gimmicks, crazy cardio workouts or restriction!



Welcome to my site!

I’m Alex and welcome to SimpleFitness. I am a the owner of Simple Fitness LLC in Richmond, Va. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach and Pain-Free Performance Specialist. Richmond, VA. I graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with my Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences. I started my personal training business, "Friends4Fitness" in 2018. As my services grew beyond personal training, SimpleFitness was born in order to further group and individual health goals.
I offer personal training, 9-week nutrition and exercise programs and fun, fitness events such as taco bike crawls around Richmond. My goal is to teach people that health doesn't need to be complicated. SimpleFitness will help you smash your goals, bond with friends and make lasting changes... All while having fun!

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I’m Alex! Welcome to SimpleFitness. I am a certified Personal Trainer in Richmond, Virginia and the Assistant Group Fitness Director at Crunch Fitness. I was first introduced to strength training when I was in the 7th grade after suffering from a back injury. After I was released from physical therapy, I worked with a Strength and Conditioning Coach and fell in love with exercise. I continued strength training 3 days a week through high school and into college to supplement my track career. I graduated from James Madison University with my degree in Health Sciences with a health studies concentration and was on the route to pursue physical therapy. After graduation, I worked as a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Technician at an outpatient orthopedic clinic and at then at a center that specialized in gait analysis. At that time, I was also coaching high school track and teaching Zumba classes. I realized that as much as I thought I wanted to go to graduate school for physical therapy, I felt like something was missing. I knew my passion was on the exercise side so I decided to leave my job. I started personal training at Zacharias Ganey Health Institute and continued coaching track and teaching group fitness. In 2018, I became the Assistant Group Fitness Director at Crunch Fitness and started Friends4Fitness for my personal clients.

Working in the health industry, I see that social media and the internet are full of mixed messages around diet and exercise. People want quick results but don’t always realize how unhealthy and harmful these fads can be. Fad diets, cleanses, skinny shakes, pyramid schemes, fat-burning pills and crazy workout routines often lead to unhealthy habits and yo-yo dieting. I want to teach people that they don't have to be on a restrictive diet plan or 7-day workout routine to get in shape.

With that in mind, I started training programs that teach people the basics. I want everyone to realize that health does not need to be complicated. It’s about learning how our bodies work in order to implement small changes throughout the day. By making simple substitutions, people can make permanent changes. The other key ingredient to being successful is by having fun. Exercise should never feel like a chore. I help people find fitness activities that they enjoy doing because if you dread exercising, you won't do it. No matter what class I teach or how many clients I work with, I want everyone to leave the room in a better mood and than when they came in.  

The goal of SimpleFitness’s exercise classes, health programs, pop-up classes, corporate and recreational events are to get people moving and having fun. It is about finding what gives you joy and keeps you moving. With anything in life, if you aren’t having fun than you will not stick with it. My programs are simple and fun. My clients meet their fitness goals and become physically stronger, while mentally growing healthier and happier too.


"The community that Alex has built through her fitness programs is unique, and it will change your life." - Leah, ESL Support Specialist for Chesterfield Public Schools



One on One

This service is for people who want one-on-one fitness training, coaching and nutritional help tailored to their individualized needs.


9 week nutrition and exercise programs

For people who are truly ready to mentally and physically change their lives through diet, exercise and mindset work.

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Variety of weekly class formats

From cardio dance to foam rolling classes, sign up for classes to keep your routine exciting!


Monthly pop-up events to promote fun, fitness and socializing outside of the gym

Monthly events including taco bike crawls, hikes, field days and other social outings to socialize, enjoy a treat and hang out your friends!



"Alex is the ideal personal trainer! I have so much fun every time I work out with her. She keeps me motivated through her upbeat personality and creative approach to exercise. I am so glad to be a part of the Jungle Gym program!" - Lizzy, Realtor

“Being a part of Alex’s group has been amazing. The workouts are challenging, fun and creative. The nutrition advice has been achievable and very helpful. She helps keep you accountable without any judgement or pressure! Alex is so friendly, approachable, encouraging and patient.  The best part is that after a few short weeks of following Alex’s regimen I already see a difference. I am very happy to be a part of her program!" - Veena, Genetic Counselor

“Alex’s energy and positivity is infectious. Because of her approach and philosophy, I now look forward to working out and have seen results because of that. I love the community she has built; it really does make fitness fun!” - Janelle, Filmmaker 

"Alex leverages her deep knowledge of nutrition and fitness to train people of all age groups and physical abilities. She has a common sense approach focusing on the specific individual needs of her clients. Alex has motivated me to push myself past what I thought was possible, modifying exercises where needed to avoid injury and guiding my nutrition planning to support my age and lifestyle. I highly recommend Alex to anyone interested in improving their health and fitness!" -Ruth, Photographer and athlete


Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions. Thanks Friends!

2407 Westwood Avenue 
Henrico, Va 23230

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch shortly!

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