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Personal Training: Services


Personal training programs are customized fitness programs tailored to meet client's specific health and fitness goals. This service is for people who would like more personal instruction and one-on-one fitness training and coaching. The process starts with an initial consultation for us to get to know each other. We will discuss short and long term goals, realistic strategics for reaching them, basic medical history, discuss eating habits and current exercise routine. We will then proceed with a basic fitness assessment to assess any physical limitations or injuries, strengths and areas of muscle weakness. From there, I will create a customized, Simple Fitness plan to help you reach your goals. 

During each session, I will teach and instruct proper lifting technique and have you complete exercises that will help you reach your goals. Sessions are one hour and are held at my Jungle Gym. Every workout starts with a warm up, followed by the workout and ends with a cool down and stretching. I will always provide constant motivation, help you get out of your comfort zone and ensure a challenging but safe workout. 


1x a week= $80 per hour 

2x a week= $70 per hour 

3x a week= $60 per hour  

4x a week= $50 per hour

Note: 3 and 6 month package rates are available upon request. 

Add on's:

Nutrition coaching which includes nutrition guide, help planning your meals, tips on grocery shopping, education about food journaling, daily check-ins and more

For 1x a week clients= $30 per week

For 2x a week clients= $25 per week

For 3x a week clients= $20 per week

For 4x a week clients= $15 per week


Live personal training sessions conducted over Zoom from the comfort of your own home

Whether you do not feel safe leaving the house during the pandemic or you can't leave your sleeping child, there is no need to miss a workout! Virtual sessions are 100% the same as in-person workouts except I am coaching you over Zoom or FaceTime. No equipment necessary. We will use what you got!! 


1x a week= $50 per hour

2x a week= $45 per hour

3x a week= $40 per hour

4x a week= $35 per hour

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